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“A teddy bear is the only thing that protects you from the dark”


“My wife and I would like to thank you again for the attention you have given to our family. The first supports we were able to get (you, Dr. Roche from Washington,…) were crucial to getting through this experience. “ (California, USA, July 2019)

Who we are!

DAPHNE is a new charitable non-governmental organization whose mission is to meet the first psychological needs of expatriates through a network of professional volunteers. DAPHNE provides psychological support and guidance to crisis victims who must cope with major events like hurricanes, wildfires, shooting, and technological accident, in concert with other international humanitarian organizations when possible. These events may or may not involve mass casualties. DAPHNE trains and prepares for these traumatic and life-changing situations.

What We Do

DAPHNE relies primarily on a network of expatriate volunteers with appropriate professional, linguistic and cultural skills, the purpose is to set up psychological guidance and orientation units spread throughout the territory of the countries concerned by our operations.

These units will be activated in the event of a crisis by DAPHNE or by solicitation of other agencies or organization like Red Cross . Once activated, they will have at their disposal a wide range of procedures, both in the field and remotely, with several levels of activation.

In non-crisis times, training and prevention sessions will be organized in collaboration with our partners in various forms according to needs. This could include group training, for example through seminars, conferences, group discussion and workshops, or more individualized training.

Services Provided in 2019 

In April 2019, DAPHNE participated in a major exercise simulating a major earthquake in Seattle

In July 2019, DAPHNE was asked to intervene in an accident involving a Navy F18 Hornet

In August 2019, DAPHNE responded to the El Paso (Texas) and Dayton (Ohio) shootings

In September 2019, DAPHNE prepared for the arrival of hurricane Dorian (category 5)

Our Values

We are firmly committed to bringing relief to as many people as possible by alleviating the psychological burden of incidents that occur while living abroad. These situations require high standards and rational process while being sensitive to the needs and experiences of the victims. DAPHNE respects the cultural differences and maintains an altruistic, empathetic and sincere process to provide support and guidance to those who have experienced a traumatic event. 

Special Events & Partners

DAPHNE is a member

Become a Partner?

French organization of victims of terrorism

Let’s build something together!

As our mission has a universal vocation, we will extend our operations in several countries to several nationalities of nationals.

We need your support to do our work contact us to learn how you can volunteer or make a gift to develop this innovative and helpful project for the fellow citizens living outside of their home country.

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