Tropical storm ISAIAS

Plan for Storm surge, Heavy Rains, Strong Winds, and Flooding.
Let’s start PREPARING. Things you can do now:
– Have enough food and drinking water for a few days – including all the pets!
– Check your local storm drains and help clean/remove the debris around them.
– Clean your gutters.
– Review emergency plans with your family.
– If you live near water or an area that floods, prepare to relocate to higher ground, including your car.
– Secure outdoor furniture and trash cans.
– Order medications and try to get treatments like dialysis before the storm.
– Test generators, sump pumps, flashlights, radios, and fuel up the car if you have one. (Never run generators indoors).
– Tune into local news and weather on TV, radio, social media, your local emergency management office, and download some weather apps.

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