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Disaster Preparation

In September 2019, in anticipation of the arrival of the powerful hurricane Dorian (category 5) on the east coast of Florida, DAPHNE coordinated with the Consulate General of France in Miami and Atlanta. DAPHNE prepared two volunteers from Miami and the five volunteers from Atlanta. We alerted four additional Washington volunteers to determine their availability.


In April 2019, DAPHNE participated in a major exercise simulating an earthquake in Seattle. Organized by the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the West Coast, involving the consulates of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver, this training exercise helps our volunteers work with local and international resources.

Real world

In July 2019, DAPHNE was asked to intervene in an accident involving a fatal Navy F18 Hornet at Death Valley National Park in California. Seven French victims were affected by this accident which cost the life of a Navy pilot. Victims were cared for within 2 hours of DAPHNE’s activation by the French Consulate General in Los Angeles. Psychological support was provided throughout the duration of their hospitalization until their repatriation to France three weeks later.


In August 2019, immediately after the El Paso and Dayton shootings, DAPHNE alerted volunteers in Houston, Texas and I for Dayton shooting. We coordinated with both Consulate General of France of Houston and Chicago and closely monitored the impact on the victims

Let’s build something together!

DAPHNE uses innovative and relevant psychological crisis management tools to help crisis victims manage the stress caused by natural disasters, accidents, and domestic or international terrorism.

The support that DAPHNE provides is needed around the world.  DAPHNE will expand operations to assist those living abroad whenever needed.

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